Orient Econotech Smart Airconditoner Mini-Review

As an AC, it does good enough.

As a “smart” air-conditioner, it doesn’t. Although publicly advertised to support remote controlling via wi-fi, it just doesn’t work out of the box. It probably needs some additional hardware, however that isn’t obvious in the first place. The AC comes with no documentation about making it work with wi-fi, nor does its smart application that can be downloaded from the Play Store. The salesmen do not know either, and the Orient help line offers no solution either.

Although I may be able to make it work eventually, I want to shout out loud that my first experience with Orient’s customer support is a very disappointing one.



  1. Dear Brother, I totally agree with you. I have bought the Orient Econotech but there is some hardware device is missing like “smart box”. I can’t connect my AC through router. Seriously I also very disappointed there is no instructions mention in manual.

    Please do you have any solution please reply me.

  2. Same here with me. I bought new model of smart orient ac but there is not even Ethernet LAN option to connect with. Orient is just making fool coz they didn’t mention anywhere that it needs smartbox which you have to buy separately

  3. Dear Orient Victims!
    Good out of the worst is that device which doesn’t comes with the product is called “Smart Box”. It is available through Orient Call Centre & Orient Outlets against PKR 10,000 (Ten Thousand Pakistani Rupees)
    Once you buy this , the Technical Support team will come, install & explain the usage & functions of the Smart Box.
    In addition to this you’ll have to install an app for phone luckily free of charge.


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