Psymic , The Global Support Group

Psymic , The Global Support Group

I get upset, depressed, anxious, enraged, and all. As soon as the phase is over, I start digging into my own emotions to trace the events that had led to them. Psychologists call this Intellectualization. I’ve been intellectualizing for a long time now and only last year started doing it in an organized way, over this blog and on a series of personal journals. I started doing it so much that all other coping strategies and defense mechanisms had entirely faded out in their efficacy.

This year, I decided to take it a step forward. I decided to develop an application entirely focused over this concept of intellectualization. I called it Psymic (psychology+mic). It has been up for over a month now but without much success. Perhaps because I need to learn to SEO it, or market it in general. Or because intellectualization isn’t a favorite coping strategy for most people. I have concluded that this powerful coping strategy needs popularization before makes much sense to people.

If you haven’t visited it already, go to and be one of the early adopters. Its pretty lonely in there and so psymic may not double as a psychological or emotional support group yet… but otherwise, you may love it.


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