Kill the flight, own your child

Dad can I fly?


Why dad?

Because man cannot fly.

But I can.  See? (demonstrating a short flight from his chair to the ceiling)

(surprised) No.

Why not?

It is dangerous.

But Dad I’ll take care of the dangers, don’t you think I should fight them and not be afraid of them?

No. Since I love you, you are more important to me than your wild ambitions.

But Dad, I’ll be safe, I promise.

While you’re on your flight, who will take care of your life? Who will go to the job and earn bread? Who will take care of your wife, your family, once you’re married?

Dad. I’ll manage.

You cannot. I’m your Dad. I know your limitations better than you.

But Dad, didn’t you say I cannot fly and I flew right in front of your eyes. Maybe I can do more than what you think Dad.

Don’t argue. I know life more than you. You’ll know one day that I was right. You cannot understand yet.


Go to sleep or you’ll be sleepy at school. Goodnight.

The child wasn’t particularly obedient, but he’d never risk losing his family’s love for his dreams. He never thought of flying anymore, and in fact forgot that he had this supernatural ability to fly without wings.

… all in the name of love, or what he perceived to be love, or what his Dad claimed to be love.



  1. “all in the name of love, or what he perceived to be love, or what his Dad claimed to be love.”

    sums up pretty much most of the scenarios, just replace dad with different people. When people say love is blind, they say the truth.

    Btw, came across your blog after a long time, all okay on your side? 🙂

  2. A topic I can resonate with. I have wondered many a time that when parents tell you that they know better, do they really?
    Being hindered by love is the worst bondage ever because you have no one to be angry at later on. You can never vent out your feelings of dissatisfaction which leads to negativity piling up inside you.
    On the other hand, one also wonders whether ANY thing in this life could be worth the pain/hurt you would inflict upon your loved ones by simply following your heart.
    These questions will keep our minds busy till eternity. Cheers!

    Ps. Your latest fb update prompted me to look up your blog. Intimidating bio, I must say.

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