Mental Momentum

Although I procrastinate a lot, I don’t think I’m lazy. When I’m doing some energetic task, I continue doing it obsessively until its finished, without getting exhausted, without needing rest. Where I really fail is initiating tasks and switching between them. Since fixing this tendency has never worked, I’m left with no other option than embracing it. And to embrace it and make life still work like normal, I seriously need to downsize my interests and ambitions such that at the end there should just be a single thing I’m pursuing in life. Nothing more. But this rapidly gets challenging as I’d have to fight myself real hard to get rid of things I absolutely love… such as writing, programming and reading.

Ah! It’s ironic how I love being a lot of things at once yet suck exactly at what that requires: multitasking. This dilemma is so painful… its hard for someone to imagine without going through it.



  1. Wow, you could not have spoken truer words. I too, find myself grabbing at multiple activities, and therefore overwhelming myself. I would describe myself as a good multi-tasker, but it is a very difficult thing to do. And by being in this situation, I am unable to focus my full energy on one thing, and achieve the best results I can out of that.

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