Enigma 26

About that little child whose intuition was god.

“What’s wrong honey?” Asked Mom trying to help her 10 years old kid, Bill.
“Mom….”asked the little boy, “Does God exist?”
“Are you ok Bill?” responded Mom. The question was alarming. Although she realized Bill was more inquisitive for his age, she felt he was crossing some line.
Bill validated Mom’s concern, “Mom. I hear him”.
Mom felt a shiver down her spine. She had learned about all those hallucinations and delusions and how those were associated with disease of mind. But she was a believer, and to her Bill’s words had stranger dimensions than that. She didn’t interrupt Bill and seated herself over the couch with him. She kissed his forehead and said in a calm tone.. “Tell me about it”
Bill continued, “Mom. God told me that his men are in pain. He told me I have to do something for them. I asked him why wouldn’t God help his men himself but he didn’t answer. He told me I would grow up to be a man of honor and I’ll have to free his men from poverty, war, conflict, meaninglessness, absurdity and uncertainty. Mom was he really God?”.
“Yes”, said her Mom. She didn’t realize what led her to believing this but something told her that Bill was right.
That night Bill died.



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