Rational Basis of Misanthropy

Ready for a dose of pseudo-philosophy and irrationality? (Yeah I somewhat lied in the title)


Nature is sick. Each single concept in the whole ecosystem has an evil dimension of some sort.  Animals brutally tear apart other animals for food only to be themselves torn apart by some other animals later. Animals lucky enough to evade their natural predators are struck by disease which again translates to pain and suffering. Apart from being so brutal in implementation of this food chain, Nature is so “empathetic” that it wipes off the weaker species altogether from existence in the name of evolution. While we may get disgusted at a man tearing apart another creature for material gains, similar activities amongst animals appear to be intrinsic part of nature, and benign, to us. Do they not? Nature is, by nature, selfish, is mathematical. It will favor whatever is good for its own equilibrium, not what’s more “humane” or kind. And ironically this face of nature drastically contrasts with how it is perceived by those who personify nature over theistic or spiritual frameworks.

It shouldn’t be surprising to expect human race to inherit traits and behaviors which favor or facilitate its own survival, a phenomenon unmistakeably common amongst other animal species. I admit mankind isn’t as apathetic as Nature itself and the additional element of emotions plays a major role in damping the ill effects of its animalish selfishness, but still it’s based over the mathematical framework of survival. I’m not being irrationally pessimistic here. I know all people lie, are biased, have double standards,have hatred in their hearts and biological drives driving their behaviors. I believe these facts can be extended to the conclusion that the root to the problems humanity faces is neither materialism nor religion. It’s the human nature itself.

Most, or many, men are misogynists, women  are misoandrists. Godless ones want to tear the religious ones apart. Religious ones want to kill those from all other religions. Younger ones hate adults.  Adults hate their next generations and call their children impulsive, less competent or sometimes worthless. People always hate governments regardless of how well those perform. Patients hate doctors. Employees dislike their bosses. Businessmen are in war with their competitors….. At the end it’s hard to find love that is unsoiled by hatred and pure of any ulterior motives. At the end… it’s NOBODY’s fault. It’s the way we were built.

The solution to the problems of pain suffering and immorality, should one consider these as real problems, is none but one: Global homicide. Ahem. Sounds weird. It indeed is weird. But saying “No human problem would outlive the human race” would be a truism, and as a truism it shouldn’t be easy to argue over it. And as the Human race is universally in some sort of trouble or pain, I’d rather call this Global homicide “Pan-human Euthanasia”. Well, if the the first thing that crossed your mind when I was talking of homicide was gore, I have a better idea. What if today’s human generation decides not to have an offspring at all and so wipes off humanity from existence in a totally peaceful way. Oh. It appears neither are possible, not yet at least. Then why not live with all the stupidity that surrounds us and stop thinking there’s a solution to the problems we face?

All ethics and morality models suck. Let’s just face life the way it is.


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