7 Confessions

7 personal things about me you didn’t apparently know.

ONE: I keep myself unconscious of the beauties of life as much as I can. I hate life, only because it will vanish one day.
TWO: To me, the most refined form of art is Music. It delivers what, and where, most other forms of art cannot.
THREE: I had made a secret society when I was 12.
FOUR: I am a moral nihilist.
FIVE: I talk to myself during midnight, while ambling under the starry sky.
SIX: I still cry, so much that my clothes get drenched. Not that anybody knows when I do it. Here’s what makes me cry.
SEVEN: My alter ego is much more successful than the real myself. It even makes it into the news.




  1. i can relate to the first part of fifth point,,,,,
    i think life is beautiful and much more attractive because it has to end one day otherwise we would die of the never ending monotony……you can chose to disagree!

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