The Million Rupees

If you can connect me to this story, you’re one of the very few who understand me and my world.

Sami was ambling gloomily in his apartment when someone knocked at his door. It was the courier guy with a Package. Sami carried the package to his desk and opened it hastily. To his surprise, it was a box full of cash. He counted the cash. It was a Million Rupees. Sami took a sigh of relief but was still upset.

Three days back he had lost 0.5 million rupees to an old man at a local casino. The old man, who called himself “Ebyud” had admonished Sami … “Never gamble all you have or you’ll be betting your fortune”. But Sami did bet all his savings. He was impulsive. All he cared for was the immediate moment, not his past, nor the future. And the package he had just received was from Ebyud. It had a note saying “You can buy the world with this. I cannot”. That wasn’t something Sami could discern but he was broken with guilt. He didn’t deserve back even the original amount he had lost whereas Ebyud had sent him twice that amount.

The next hour, Sami was driving to the casino to get the old man’s address. Luckily, he found Ebyud right at the casino. Ebyud greeted him warmly and bought him a drink. Ebyud kept talking of things, not giving Sami a chance to talk back. Then, he took Sami to his home. Sami was shocked to see the old man’s home. It was a tiny single room house with unplastered walls and dirty curtains in place of doors. But Ebyud , Sami thought, must be very rich. He dressed well. He talked like big people. He had just sent Sami a million rupees just for nothing! Out of curiosity Sami asked if he had some other “better” house. Ebyud laughed at him and replied, “Only if I could tell you about myself”. All this was making a mystic environment. Sami knew it wasn’t wise to ask more questions. Sami came to his original question, “Why would you…”. Ebyud interrupted, “I told that already. You can buy the whole world with this much. I cannot”. Sami replied in a low voice, “But does that even mean anything?” Ebyud nodded his head in positive and said,” It’s all hard-coded deep in your conscience. You’ll know as soon as you let your conscience express.”…. “But how?” asked Sami. The old man replied ….
“Just stop betting. You’re betting your fortune”.

One week passed. Sami was so perplexed that he didn’t work the whole week. He kept thinking if Ebyud’s words even made any sense. He even considered the possibility of Ebyud being a mad man having pathological spiritual experiences. I haven’t gone to the casino for a week, so why isn’t my conscience speaking?? Damn! Did I even have to believe that old man?? Sami Thought. And he was driving to the casino again. He was too addicted to all that. He made a big bet again only to lose the million rupees he had. Back at his apartment, he took as much alcohol as he could and cried as much as he could. He somehow knew that he’d lose. But he couldn’t stop himself.

When he woke up the other morning, he was all surrounded with beer cans and cigarette ash. He looked at his face in the mirror. His eyes were swollen. His face embodied his guilt. Someone knocked at the door. To his surprise, it was the courier man again.

It was two million rupees this time.



  1. Oh, I forgot to thank you for that too. 🙂
    Well even if the story is somehow relatable, I was too lazy (or incompetent) to make it as dark as the lives of some of us. I’ll try better next time, if there ever is a next time.

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