When it’s Too Dark for Amateurs

The Orion's Belt in Islamabad on 22nd September at 0230 PST

Last night I practiced night-time photography for an hour. I experimented with aperture width, ISO settings, exposure lengths and manual focusing on very dark scenes. I checked how those shots compared with those taken on auto settings. I experimented shooting with and without the in-lens image stabilization system. After all that practice, I can now set a low-light full manual shot in less than 15 seconds.

I’m sharing one of the shots I took while practicing. It is of the Orion constellation, a.k.a “The Hunter”. I took it with a manual focus, full open aperture (f/3.5mm), ISO set to 100 and exposure time set to 20 seconds. A tripod was used and the the in-lens image stabilization system was turned off.



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