5 Things You Always Wanted To Know About Me

Everyone has secrets. keeping secrets makes us feel privileged. And the more you hide those secrets, the more inquisitive people get. In fact people were so inquisitive of mine that they tried all sort of emotional blackmailing and social tactics to get those out of me. Well here’s a list of some of the things you wanted to know so badly:

1. Why did I make the “Asraar” Script?

What it was: “Asraar” was a script I made by substituting the English alphabet with Greek letters and generic glyphs. I used to write my diary and notes using that script. I even made a computer font to transcribe and print my electronic texts in Asraar. People thought I had made a language and so never attempted decrypting that fairly simple script.

The Secret: Well, thanks to the “Desi” inquisitiveness, lots of people had attempted reading my diary to find out things going on in my head. To them, however, the texts were too abstract to draw any connotation from, thanks to my selection of words . “Asraar” was made in an attempt to circumvent such intrusions. What I wrote in that script was my usual diary plus a full novel based on my then ideal image of a girl.

2. Why Would I Go For Solo Walks?

What it was: I have had this habit of rambling alone in the wild for hours. Most people didn’t even know I was out for solo walks. They were so critical of my habits, I could never tell them I was out just to talk to myself.

The Secret:  During the solo walks I’d persuade myself to do the very important tasks I had been badly procrastinating in. I would think of ways of improving my studies, reasoning skills, productivity and conscientiousness. I would also review my progress over those in detail. I called that conscious intervention x-volution.

3. What Was That PARSA Obsession?

What it was: PARSA is a word I would often use in my notes and diaries. I had designed a logo too for whatever it was. I once even wrote that word with my blood which I had drawn for a physiology experiment. From the latter event, many inferred that it was some girl friend’s nickname or codename. Confusing naa ?

The Secret: Well, PARSA is just the concept of an institute that aims at cultivating innovation in our desi soil by setting direct examples as well as by educating the masses, more or less like Jacque Fresco‘s “Project Venus”. I’ve had this vision since 2006. I have written hundreds of pages just on what I think of PARSA. This year while I was launching a patient welfare organization at our college, I designed 5 logos and proposed 5 names , PARSA being one of those. Strangely, the PARSA title and logo were voted by the majority and so my NGO borrowed it’s name from my long-term fantasy.

4. What Made Me Sleepless this August?

What it was: I spend a lot of time over my PC. That’s quite usual. This August, however, things were a little different. I was apparently doing something so serious at my PC that I’d skip my sleep for multiple nights and forget having meals. My social relationships were quite compromised for my being unable to share that with my closest friends.

The secret: I had been working on a project codenamed “Paarsayi”. I enjoyed some of the happiest days of my life when Paarsayi was launched over the web, when I’d sit back and observe the visitor stats skyrocket. Paarsayi was mentioned in numerous websites all over the world and was successful in gathering attention of world renowned bloggers and intellectuals. You see? That’s what made me so euphoric. I still cannot disclose the project details. But trust me, it’s something you’ll never believe.

5. What happened the last December?

What it was: People around me have witnessed a drastic change in my personality post December 2010. Everyone has a different explanation for the change, some of those explanations being utterly ridiculous. Like I heard one of my friends saying that I had transformed as part of a “relationship”. Others said it was just my habit of experimenting with lifestyles gone wrong.

The secret: Well that’s something I’ll still keep to myself for a few more months. All I want to say right now is that it doesn’t stem from my tendency to experiment with things nor from any sort of relationship.



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