The Boy Who Misused Nature’s Endowments

This story is half allegorical, half real. Do not try to imagine what is what.

There lived a boy to whom obligations were myth. To whom absolute freedom was the focus of life. To whom there was no yesterday, no tomorrow. Mother Nature was good to him and had empowered him with remarkable reasoning and deduction faculties which would help him survive despite his illusory obsession with free life. The boy let nature down by abusing all those intellectual powers and using those to fortify his idea of free world and shield himself from total guilt that nature tried to drive into his head. Nature was late to realize that the boy’s devious understanding of life had become immortal thanks to the shields of rationality the boy encircled it with. Nature wouldn’t give up. She would keep trying and trying until it corrected what she considered to be her own mistake. It showered upon the boy all sorts of endowments, all magnitudes of pain but all in vain. Nature did surmount occasionally in making him realize that things weren’t the way he discerned. However whenever this happened, the boy would get so shaken up, so full of guilt, so devoid of life, so willing to perish that it would bring mother nature to her knees and she would guide him back to his free world herself.

Things perpetuated this way for 22 years until nature realized that the boy had survived as long as he could in his world of own without considerable survival disadvantage in the real world. The boy had started fancying a girl who belonged to his own free world whereas nature had never made one of his kind. He also needed a way to earn his bread but was too screwed up for that.

Mother Nature loves this boy but has now given up all hope of him opening eyes into the real world. Today she is taking life away from the little boy bit by bit. She knows affliction isn’t for him.


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